Toke, in translation with Japanese - mad. Cha, in translation with Chinese - Tea

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Multi-instrumental World Music, Folk, Modern Ethnic music, Ethno-electronica:


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World music performances and musical show programs

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Musical show programs of Toke-Cha band:


Drum Show: ethnic drums (djembe, darbuka), japan drums, on metal barrels



Shamans show:  throat (overtone) singing, shamans drums, vargan (khomus, jews harps), morin khuur



Arabic and Asian music: oriental singing, darbukas, ud, rubab



Indian and pakistan music: indian singing, tabla, sitar, flutes, marydan and other



Chinese and Vietnamese music: chinese drums, tsin' (gudzhen, yochyn), flutes, vargans and other



Japanese music: Japanese drums, koto, syakuhati, vargan and other



African music: african drums (djembe), kalimba (mbira), african singing, flutes, gamelan and other



Australian and Indonesian music: didjeridu, kalimba, drums, ahako, gamelan, singing, "crying gnome"



Tibet and Nepal music: singing bowls, campanellis, overtone singing, mantras, wood block, bells, dunchen, flute and other



Brazilian music and Capoeira: berimbau, brazilian songs, congos, guitar, percussions



Spanish and Latin music: Guitar, violin, singing, kahon, castanets, drums and another percussions



Russian folk and cossack music: Russian folk singing, cossack singing, balalaika, psaltery (gusli), zhaleykas, treschetky and other



Ethno-electronic music: Musician + D.j. Any of 300 our ethnic musical instruments + electronics, Dj set


Programs with dances: East, Indian dances, Break dance, the Buryat and Mongolian dances, Belly dances

Modern ballet, the Jazz ballet, Freak show, the Pantomime, Ethnic dances



With sand art show: live music and sand art


Programs with fire and pyrotechnic show: Fiery show, Theatre of fire, Dances with fire, Pyrotechnic show



Multimedia theatrical show: with sand show, electric light show, paper show, ethnic dances, pantomime, fire show



New Year Show: multiinstrumental world music on your holiday




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