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Toke-Cha concert on the Red Square in Moscow

Bulat Gafarov - leader of the band

Multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov

Toke-Cha and orchestra

Toke-Cha on the festival


Toke-Cha band - well known Russian band plays world, ethno-electronic and fusion music.

Toke-cha band formed in Moscow, Russia in 2001. The group consists of composer multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov, Vladimir Krylov - guitar and John Kukaryamba - percussions.

The musicians have about 300 musical instruments from around the world in own musical collection.

Musicians named own style “MultiInstrumental World Music” because they play music string, wind and percussions instruments with Throat (overtone), Oriental singing and Beatbox with FX sounds.



"Toke-Cha band one of the most interesting Russian bands plays world music, ethno-electronic and jazz-folk music

Musicians named own style “MultiInstrumental World Music”: different rhythms on percussions, Beatbox, Throat (overtone), oriental, Indian and Russian singing with sound processors and about 300 musical instruments from around the world. All instruments are the band’s personal collection.

The sound of Toke-Cha is very modern because musicians mix such styles as BreakBeat, Drum’n’bass, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop and Ambient played on ethnic drums with Folk music, musical instruments and singing from around the world.

First concert band played in 2001 in native city - Moscow. Since then its popularity has grown continuously. Toke-Cha has been an honored member of major festivals and TV shows, its music is used in soundtracks to many films and theatre performances.

Concert of this group it's a very interesting multiinstrumental show. With Toke-cha music the listener makes unforgettable ethno-musical" travel.


The leader and founder of Toke-Cha band - Bulat Gafarov, professional composer, unique musician multiinstrumentalist and singer, ethnographer and collector of musical instruments of the world.

Bulat professionally plays more than 300 musical instruments, such as: electro-acoustic violin, various percussions, drums, didgeridoo, kalimba, flutes, vargans, gamelan, topshur, ocarinas, accordions, morin khuur, xylophone, yochin, koto, sitar, synthesizers and other instruments

He professionally sings: throat, oriental, Indian, Russian singing and Beatbox.

During concerts, Bulat often plays several musical instruments simultaneously, so people would call him “Man-orchestra ” (one-man band)

First conception of Toke-Cha music was eco-friendly music. That gave the name to its first album – “Phytogenesis Music”, recorded in 2002 at “TRecStudio”.

Later five more albums have been recorded: “The Shaman's" (2003), “Live 2004”, a multimedia disk “Live 2005” and "On Line" (2006, soundtracks and live performances), "Eclecticus" (double album 2011).



Band members:

Bulat GAFAROV. Press to increase  BULAT Gafarov - frontman and founder of Toke-Cha band. Professional composer, unique musician multiinstrumentalist and singer.

Electro-acoustic violin, flutes, didgeridoo, kalimba, percussions, drums, khomus, gamelan, yochin, igil, gopi chand, harmonicas, morin khuur, sitar, tabla, xylophone, koto, piano, tungur, FX sounds.  Singing: overtone (throat), oriental, russian, tatars, Beatbox & other


Vladimir Krylov. Click to view VLADIMIR Krylov - guitars, bass guitar, strings, percussions

    John Kukaryamba. Press to increase JOHN Kukaryamba - drums and various percussions, jaws harps, didjeridoo, vocal, cuica, udu, "singing bowls"


Session musicians  (onetime and ex) only for live performances:

Ilya Lapin & Boris Mashkov - guitars; Aleksey F & Ruben Oganezov - percussion.



Joint Projects:


With Artists: Bobby  McFerrin, Andrey Makarevich, Mark  Pekarsky, "Chaif" band, Dmitry Malikov, "Volga" band, "Namgar", Sati Kazanova, "Hi-fi" band,  "Green Point" band,  Garik Sukachyov, Bogdan Titomir, Herman Vinogradov, Jura Balashev, Jan Bederman, Sergey Filatov, "Tetris" band, Sergey Starostin, Sergey Klevensky, ensemble "Chukotka", "Zerkalo band", Brynjar Rasmussen, Igor Grigorev, "Couple" band, Pelagea, Tina Kuznetsov, Nino Katamadze, Marta Ruiz Villamil, Edson Cordeiro, Andrey Mongush, Adam Matta, Andreas Schaerer, Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, Dmitry Vasilyev, Katya Chernyavskaya, Joey Blake, Christiane Karam, Brenna MacCrimmon, Bori Magyar, Marina Sabianina, Gaya Arutyunyan, with orchestra of Moscow and others


With directors: Yevgeni Grishkovets (perfomance "Siege" ("Osada")), Garik Sukachyov (film "House of the sun"), Vera Glagoleva (film "Ferris Wheel"), Nikita Dmitrievsky (ballet "Sansara"), Nikolay Basin (ballet Moskva), Olga Stolpovskaja (film "Fishman"), Natalia Anastaseva (perfomance "Sleep In Summer Night"), Igor Grigurko, Patrick Rollen, Aleksey Shilin, Anzhela Golubeva (perfomance "Hotel of two worlds"), German Pikus, Artem Kochukov (film "On the low frequency"), Tandy Beal (Opera "Bobble") and others


Toke-cha plays in US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Russia. The band played for presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Turkey, ambassadors of Australia, Mexico, Jordan, Belarus, Japan, Mongolia, Egypt and others.


Toke-Cha band composed music for several known movies, animations, performances and tv shows.




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