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November 18 - Presentation of a new double album by Bulat Gavarov/Toke-Cha - "ECLECTICUS"!

Unique multimedia concert with sand-show and light dances. Concert Hall "Gorbushkin dvor".

Start of the concert at 19:30

Address: Moscow, Bagration fare. 7, "Corbushkin dvor", Sector H-1.    Free entrance

E-map:, E-map of "Gorbushkin yard":   scheme

Online concert translation:

Album "Eclecticus" online:  Альбом "ECLECTICUS" на сайте iTunes iTunes   и   Альбом "ECLECTICUS" на сайте Amazon

Album "Eclecticus" by Bulat Gafarov/Toke-Cha

Album "ECLECTICUS" recorded in unique style which musicians called "MultiInstrumental World Music"!

CD1 - "Acoustic", eclectic mix of different styles and traditions, CD2 - "Electronika" with live samples.

In the compositions recorded about 300 musical instruments; Throat, oriental, Indian and jazz singing, Beatbox and FX sounds


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Bulat Gafarov: On Line




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Now on some our performances, you can hear

New format of sounding Toke-Cha - with electronic rhythms,

Played alive on electronic drums.


Electronic drums


We shall divide our performance into 2 branches:

1) completely on alive tools 2) with use of electronic rhythms


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