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BULAT Gafarov - world music composer, unique musician-multiinstrumentalist and singer, collector of musical instruments and ethnographer from Moscow, Russia.

Professionally plays on more than 300 musical instruments from around the world such as: violins, piano, flutes, percussions, didgeridoo, kalimba, jew's harps, drums, topshur, sitar, harmonicas and others. He is fluent in several unique types of singing: throat, oriental, jazz, Russian and beatboxing.

During the concerts Bulat plays about 50 instruments and on several of them simultaneously. Therefore he was nicknamed "one-man band." All musical instruments are in the personal collection of Bulat.

Bulat leader of Toke-Cha band well known to the public as the group plays world music and combines in his compositions sound of ethnic instruments, electronic FXs with fashionable rhythms on the drums and percussions.

Bulat has many joint projects with well-known musicians, theaters, directors, dancers from Russia, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. His music sounds in many movies, theaters, performances and animations.

Bulat does a lot of work as organizer of extraordinary multimedia shows, ethnographer, collecting folklore in different parts of the world, an expert in folk world music and the creator of a unique encyclopedia of musical instrument.


Electronic Encyclopedia of musical instruments by Bulat Gafarov

Electronic Encyclopedia of musical instruments by Bulat Gafarov:

Violin, piano, flutes, percussions, mouth harps, didjeridu, kalimba, sitar, morin khuur, koto, trumpet, hang drum, drums and other

Electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, etc.

Ethnic singing different countries: the throat, Eastern, Russian, African and Beatboxing


Musical projects of Bulat Gafarov:


Bulat Gafarov head of Creative studio "TRec Studio"

Trec Studio




The brief biography:

Bulat Gafarov was born in 1982 in Moscow.

2000 - diploma lawyer

2001 - Musical institute of Gnesins - viola

2002 - Moscow conservatory - composer.

2005 - Moscow State University - culturologist

2009 - head of Creative studio "TRecStudio"

Now Bulat Gafarov plays and compose music for many movies, performances, animations in Russia, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia




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